Why Bali?

Like many, we fell in love with this deeply spirited island. She is formed from volcanoes, cradeled by ocean and home to a profound culture of kindness and connection to the spirit realm. We felt we wanted to go somewhere just dripping with god, and our calling to this island was a fortunate instinct.

Bali is proudly the only Hindu island in Indonesia, and their reverence for the elements and the whole host of hindu cosmology creates a distinct spiritual initiation and embrace. “White” and “Black” magic, or the ability to direct the field for harm or enhancement are very alive in everyday awareness.  For those of us who are magicians in our own ways, immersion in this is powerful.

In Bali, there is only a thin veil between the worlds, and the fascia of spiritual interconnection is palpable. Most days there were distant chants or gong orchestras marking the many rites of passage that Balinese honor- birth, burial of the placenta which they call the 4th sister and which continues to bestow beneficient goodwill for one’s whole life,  the first touching ground ceremony at 3 months, first cutting hair,  mairrage, death… it is a holy land that holds all who come to her.

We felt deeply initiated into her primal forces and holy field and felt so called to share it with peers, and hopefully with you.

We intentionally schedule Shakti initiation to coincide with a very special time in Bali – Nyepu or New Years.

Nyepi is a Hindu holiday that is celebrated each new year. It is a day of purification for the universe.Nyepi means quiet or silent.

At Nyepi, people try not to be active, or go out of the house, turn on lights, or work.
The goal is to create a quiet atmosphere, devoid of the hustle bustle of life and devoid of all passion or greed of human nature to purify Bhuwana Agung (universe) and Bhuwana Alit (human).

Nyepi Day, especially in Bali has several stages, starting from the Melasti ceremony, mecaru, and Pengerupukan.

This is followed by a peak of Nyepi itself.
And lastly Ngembak Geni.
Melasti, mecaru, and Pengerupukan Ceremonies

Melasti or Melis is held a few days before Nyepi where everything is purified by prayer or being  brought the sea.

Mecaru ceremony is held in any home or family, village, district, with offerings targeted at Bhuta Kala  (negative things) so that they will not interfere in people’s lives.

Pengerupukan conducted shortly after mecaru by ringing gongs and creating a flame or torch in the house.

At the village level, processions of a large scary statue that is built weeks before called an Ogoh-ogoh is paraded around the village then burned. According to the website it says “The goal for the negative things that smell was gone and did not interfere with human life”.

The day after is Nyepi which is silent with no traveling, open flames, entertainment or work.

Ngembak Geni.

Geni Ngembak which fell the day after Nyepi implemented by organizing visits between families and neighbors and acquaintances. Mutually forgive each other by holding Tat Twam Asi principle is “I was you and you are me”. The position we are equal before God, even though we are of different religions or beliefs we should live in harmony and peace always.
Thus some idea about the meaning of Nyepi in Bali

Taken from http://littlesideofbali.blogspot.com/2012/11/meaning-of-nyepi-day-in-bali.html