What to Bring

Clothes & Shoes:

  1. Bring clothes to layer for colder temperature in the morning and evening
  2. Sarong for visiting temple (if you have one or they are easy to buy there)

3.   Long sleeved modest/dressy shirt for temple visit

4.   Thin scarf to wear around the waist for temple

5.   An outfit for a dressed-up dinner

6.   An outfit for graduation (any colors, any look that makes you feel like a star!)

7.   Clothes that you need for yoga practices

8.   Outdoor clothing/shoes for hiking – closed toe shoe is fine vs. Hiking boots

9. Flip flop to wear around the retreat center

10. Bring 10 pairs of underwear as it takes a long time for things to dry.

11. Bathing suit for use in diving or swimming

12. In class, we are not grading you on professional appropriateness or style, so feel free to be a flower in bloom and play with self expression. Bali is very tolerant so you can be expressed, within reason.


  1. 8G thumb drive or larger to share photos, docs or bring music you like to use
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Hat
  4. Sunglasses
  5. A thermos or Water bottle
  6. Natural Bug Repellent
  7. Mala beads
  8. Journal & Pens and colored pencils, markers if you like to play in that way.
  9. Flashlight
  10. Bathroom and shower supplies, especially tampons and dental floss, as they don’t sell them there.
  11. Any prescribed medicines or remedies and supplement that you usually use.  If you have any medication that you use for upset belly, bring that too
  12. If you tend to need snacks or extra protein, bring some protein bars, powder and shaker glass, snacks, emergen-C or electrolyte packet, a jar of nut butter. There will be a small fridge for only a few items each.
  13. Tongue scraper if you use one
  14. If you use Neti pot, bring that too
  15. Phone, and charger
  16. Headphones
  17. If you wish to bring your computer, then remember to bring the charger
  18. Plug Adapter if you like to have your own and also if you will be traveling in Asia after the training.  (NOTE:  WE WILL BE PROVIDING A FEW PLUG ADAPTORS TO SHARE AMONG US)
  19. Any items for the chakra altars
  20. Optional to bring yoga mat, blanket or props. They have mats, fleece blankets, blocks at the center. Some sisters choose to donate their mat to the center if you don’t want to carry it.
  21. You don’t need to bring any text books as we will have a copy of all of them there for us to share. We will be giving you a sweet and compact manual as we respect many are traveling afterwards.

Note:  You may consider bringing a little gift for a kid or staff whom you may get close with at the center can be sweet. 


Along with bringing these physically, also take a photo and send a copy to info@shakti-initiation.com and to your emergency contact, along with and perscriptions so that you have all that info electronically available if you need it.

  1. Passport
  2. Visa (if you apply ahead of time)
  3. Plane ticket/itinerary
  4. Health Insurance
  5. Travel Insurance
  6. Driver License is not necessary but an option
  7. Your ATM card.  You can withdraw cash at the ATM machines

8.  Any credit card that you will use. Do not bring travelers checks.



1.  Collages:

A)  CHAKRAS 1 for each chakra = 7 pages (sample at shakti-initiation ytt study     group drop down)

B) Your wishes for yourself and the world

2. ADOPT A MUDRA that you will present to all of us

3. ADOPT A GODDESS that you will present to all of us

4. Bring 5 poems, yoga songs – put them in a thumb drive

5. Bring one jewelry gift (it is fine to re-gift something you own already) and we will use it as a gift exchange for your Shakti sisters.

Here’s the packing list of Shakti sister Lisa who graduated in 2014

what to bring