Traveling Tips

Searching for a Plane Ticket

The airport in Bali that you fly int is Denpasar, Indonesia. If you are not able to fly on free airline travel points that you or a loved one has,
there are a number of great websites to search for tickets, such as

  • It is not uncommon for Thai Airways or Singapore Airlines to allow a free stop over along the way. It is also wise to buy cancellation or trip interruption insurance given it is winter and there can be flight delays and missed connections. Try and arrive at least one day early to get over jet lag and enjoy the beach and sun!
    Also try and reserve your seat as soon as you can

    Suggested Supplies for the Long Plane Ride

    1. Earplugs
    2. Compression socks to hear ease puffy feet
    3. Neck or back support or even the blow up wedge you can put on your plane tray table can make a long flight way more tolerable

    Suggestions for Minimizing Jet Lag

    1. Try and get a flight that travels at night and sleep as much as you can and maybe even consider using a sleeping pill
    2. Do everything you can to NOT take a epic nap once you arrive. If you stay awake until dark the first day, jet lag can be minimal
    3. Neck support or even the blow up wedge you can put on your plane tray table can make a long flight way more tolerable
    4. Try doing yoga in the plane and at stop overs. Get a foot massage if you can

    Drivers in Bali We Have Used

    1. Wayan
      His cell number: 085739724657
    2. Nengah
      His cell number: 082144237447

    Travel Insurance

    1. AAA –
    2. Allianz Travel Insurance –


    Emergency Number at Bali Mountain Retreat

  • Phone internationally: +62 82836 02645
  • Phone local: 0 82836 02645
  • Boost Your Immune System a Week or Two Before You Leave

    With packing, wrapping work, taking care of family and many others that you need to do before taking off for your trip can easily run down your immune system. We recommend taking vitamin C daily, B12, drinks lots of water to keep your body hydrated

    Herbs and Medications

    Bring any herbs or medication with you that you use when you are not feeling well. We will have a basic first aid kit with us

    Ayurveda Treatment Options in Ubud

    1. Amrtasiddhi, the Ayurveda & Yoga Health Centre. One of the Shakti Sisters did a 10 day cleanse after Shakti Training. Housing is available there
    2. The Yoga Barn is one of Jovinna’s favorite yoga places in Ubud for massage, Ayurveda treatments, dance and yoga classes. There is a sweet cafe in the center. They have housing there

    Places to Stay

    If you arrive early and want to stay near the airport, the village of Sanur is peaceful whereas Kuta is more busy. An option is
    a great booking site is where you can find discounted hotels throughout Asia


    Please know that the 30 day tourist visa covers exactly 29 nights and 30 days so book your ticket and apply for your visa accordingly.

    30-day tourist visa – you can get from Bali Ariport
    60-day tourist visa – apply with Indonesian Embassy
    Indonesian Embassy in NYC (212) 879-0600
    Application for 60-day visa –

    Communication and SIM card in Bali

    You can purchase a SIM card outside of the arrival gate at the airport.
    Please note that WIFI connection is limited to emails only at the retreat center, and we cannot accommodate Skype, uploading of photos or streaming.

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