Shakti Initiation Conference Call Details

Conference Calls

Our calls are an incredibly rich forum for reflection and learning. Please prioritize attending as much as you can. At the end, there are instructions in case you miss a call.

It is important to be involved in every call, as it counts as hours towards your certification and helps everyone feel inspired, connected, and engaged in our collective process of learning.

Conference calls take place weekly from September to December.

How to connect:
1) Call 1-302-202-1102

2) When prompted, enter the conference code that we will send you in an email once you have paid your deposit


Call Etiquette:

FOCUS: Try and have a quiet space to focus during the call.

ATTENDANCE: We will do a roll call to welcome everyone on to our time together. Let us know if you need to leave early.

MUTE: After our OM, please put phone on Mute, unless you are sharing.

NAME: When you speak, its so helpful to say “Hi this is…”and then say your name so everyone knows who is speaking.

“I” STATEMENTS: Please try and practice conscious communication by using I statements, such as “I feel excited” vs. “You know when people excited…”.

FEEDBACK: Check if people want feedback before offering it. And enjoy the wisdom that we will be sharing together. What a blessing!

DROPPED CALL: If you lose your connection (or the leader does) just trust that we will all reconnect soon and keep moving the conversation forward in the mean time.

OFFICE HOURS: We usually offer office hours either a half hour before or after the call, so if you need support or have personal questions, know you can bring them to that space.

IF YOU NEED ANYTHING, PLEASE LET US KNOW! We can’t support you if we don’t know what you need, and its so great to connect personally vs. a post on facebook, although that is OK too if needed. But reach out. We want everyone to shine and be satisfied!

We will record the office hours calls separately so you can decide if you want to listen later.



-If possible, please let us know ahead of time, and post your reading responses for the week on Facebook prior to the conference call so that we can read your thoughts to the group and feel your presence even if you are unavailable to join us.

Our hosting service is

At your convenience, please phone in to ______ or download and listen to the recording of the conference by using this link: _______________.

There is more information about the recordings at Free Conference Call FAQS