Scholarship Donation

“I WAS MOVED TO DONATE A SCHOLARSHIP WITH THE hope that anyone who is open and receptive to a transformative journey might also have this opportunity to open their hearts, to travel into the world of the soul and experience love more deeply through the Shakti Initiation. There are significant events that transform the way we see ourselves, others and the world around us, possibly helping us appreciate life more fully and deeply.

Shakti Initiation was transformative through learning the value of intention, of stillness and silence and how even the smallest creatures and objects around us become significant. I was better able to see and understand human suffering, the value of being present just to listen or touch.

It was a journey into knowing, accepting, and even loving myself.

Through their love, laughter, and commitment to giving of themselves and their talents, Jovinna and Grace showed me the way to share love with others and spread that love to the world. THIS IS WHY I GAVE A SCHOLARSHIP TO SUPPORT ANOTHER SHAKTI SISTER.”

Marnie Myhre
St. Paul, Minnesota
Shakti 2014

Shakti scholarship