Distance Learning

Pre and Post-Training Curriculum Requirements:

One of the most powerful aspects of the Shakti Initiation program is the degree of integration into your life that the program offers. We hear from students again and again how the learning becomes alive in their classes, relationship and every facet of their life.

As soon as you pay your deposit, the alchemy of your commitment to the program begins!

The following must be completed as a part of your non-contact hours requirement.

1. Book Study Group & Weekly Conference Calls from September to December. Catch up support will be offered in January for our beloved late comers.

We will connect once a week (days and times to be announced) to dialogue via conference call about the following study books that count towards your Yoga Alliance 300-hr certification:
* Secret Teachings of Plants
* Prana and Pranayama
* The Subtle Body
* The Tao of Leadership
* The Bhagavad Gita

Our first call will be two hours giving each sister and opportunity to introduce herself to the group. Day/time to be announced.

Ongoing Homework:


Each week participants will post on the public Shakti Initiation Facebook page two of their favorite sentences/sections from the reading, so we can all enjoy each other’s inspiration.


Usually an essay, but an art or alternative expression is an option by permission of the instructor


Begin journaling about your daily practice of mediation on the heart as our seat of soul and perception


Spend time in a natural environment at least 15 min a day, 5 days a week


The following books will be discussed in detail during weekly conference calls with your instructors and fellow students:

secret-teaching-image Prana-and-Pranayama-image Tao-of-leadership subtle-body-image Gita

2. Join our ‘closed’ FaceBook group

We ask students to join Facebook, as we use this platform to post homework assignments and discuss readings. You are welcome to use a fake name if you would prefer.

Our Shakti Initiation group will be a private group, so participants have the option of ensuring that posts will not be made public if that is a preference.

3. Adopt a Goddess and a Mudra

Each participant will adopt one goddess and one mudra to explore both prior to and during the training program.  We suggest you base your choice on a facet of yourself or your life that you would like to deepen, such as compassion, clear righteous fury, abundance, or passion.  You will present both your goddess and mudra during our time together in Bali.

4. 15-min Daily Mindfulness Practice

You are required to practice 15 minutes of mindfulness a day during your four months of pre-training hours. Your mindfulness practice will emphasize the content of that month, and could be experienced through traditional seated meditation, or simply by applying mindfulness to daily activities like walking, washing dishes, jogging, etc.

5. Chakra Reflections and Collages

Students share how powerful it is to explore and express their personal insights through this assignment. You will not be graded on artistic sophistication, so be bold, playful and creative and trust the limitless realm of images, color and flow.



You are asked to brainstorm about your personal relationship with each chakra PRIOR TO THE PROGRAM STARTING using Cyndi Dale’s Subtle Anatomy book as a guide if needed. See sample above. You will bring these 7 pages of art/reflection with you.


Make a valentine collage of your wishes for yourself and the world. Please don’t bring any original photos that could be lost or ruined.

6. Sharing Resources

Choose 5 favorite poems and yoga songs and bring them on your thumb drive to Bali. You will get to be an angel for a day and bless the meal with a poem you brought and DJ the afternoon session’s entry music.

7. Gifting

Bring one jewelry gift (it is fine to re-gift something you own already) and the staff will orchestrate a beautiful gifting ceremony for your Shakti sisters at the end of the program.


After the program you will have a be assigned sadhana buddy. For 30 days following the program, you will support each other as a pair in implementing your inspirations and transformations.