“We did not just study Holy Scripture, we became it.”

Shakti’s curriculum is one of the kind, both creative and out of the box. We combine three formats to enrich our students direct learning experiences:

  • Four Month Distance Learning
  • 26 Day Bali Intensive
  • One Month Post Training Sadhana Buddy Practices


Shakti Inititation’s curriculum is powerfully rooted in a rich experiential learning environment. Delve deep into the heart of yoga – union – through group and individual practices like:

  • Personal chakra discovery and exploration
  • Meditation in motion
  • 3-day silent meditation retreat
  • Sacred and soulful examination of the Self
  • Unique sadhana practice twice daily
  • Participation in local ritual and ceremony
  • Discuss and develop your own workshops
  • Explore new layers of anatomy and physiology

Once you are accepted and registered, the training begins…


Distance Learning

1. Book Study Group & Weekly Conference Call starting in September

Grace Jull

2. Adopt a Goddess and a Mudra


3. Daily Mindfulness Practice

 daily mindfulness

4. Chakra Reflections and Collages


5. Sharing Resources

Circle of Palms

6. Gifting


For details, please go to 300hr Distance learning


26 Day Bali Intensive

During our time in Bali, we enjoy an expansion and deepening of all the content we explored during our months of rich distance learning. As each woman gains insight about herself, a colorful tapestry of more universal experiences emerges. We have rich and rare conversations that consider how age, culture, ancestry, and gender offer a unique adornment to the soul each of us embodies.

The Shakti Initiation curriculum grows out of three fundamental foundations:
Universal Energies, Ancient Insight and Inner Transformation.

Universal Energies

The Chakra System: Body, mind and spirit become demystified and sacred doorways to the temple’s inside are adorned with new awareness. Even very experienced students find a deep shift in accessing sacred ground in themselves and in others.

Elemental Immersion: Our embodiment and understanding of earth, water, fire, air, ether and consciousness are profoundly enriched by Bali’s oceans, lush forest, dormant volcanoes, fresh spring water…come and be enchanted by this Hindu island’s riches.

Love: From neuroscience to genuine intergenerational sisterhood, the depth of Shakti Initiation grows from cultivating Love as the greatest Force for humans to explore, express and enjoy.


Ancient Insight

Inner Transformation



One Month Post Training Sadhana Buddy Practices

Before graduation, you will be assigned with a sahdana buddy. You both will do a weekly two-hour check in for a month. Jovinna or Grace will join you for an hour in your third week check in.