Shakti 300hr

Shakti Initiation, Yoga Alliance certified, a 300hr advanced yoga leadership teacher training certification for Women Only. A 26 day immersion in the winter of 2016 in Bali, Indonesia with Jovinna and Grace


Shakti Initiation was co-founded by Jovinna Chan and Grace Jull in 2013 to provide women an unique learning environment for intimate, personal and transformative training while acquiring tools and skills to deepen their teaching.


Our intimate group of women quickly becomes a sisterhood, creating and holding sacred space for each other to openly discuss our unique experiences surrounding topics like:

  • Motherhood
  • Menstruation and the lunar cycle
  • Making love – sex and sensuality at all stages of life
  • Menopause
  • Leadership
  • Claiming your power as a female
  • …And much more!

In our commonalities and differences we share laughs, losses, longing and powerful leadership. We learn from each other and grow together as true soul sisters.

Shakti Initiation honors the reality that each teacher comes to the training with a rich array of their own personal and professional experience and interest.

The intimate group size (24 students only) creates space for the unique perceptions, interests and genius of each participant to be explored and celebrated.

Within that diversity and depth, each of us has opportunities to contribute our leadership, love, losses and life learning. Through being present to each other, we train ourselves to bring the treasure of compassionate curiosity to everyone in our lives, including our future yoga students.

Not only does this provide a profound transformative environment for the learner, it also expands professional opportunities to include doing private yoga, leading workshops and being a force of innovation in any environment the learner would love to create and contribute to.

In the culmination of the training, each student leads a group in their unique gifts, ranging from yoga for back care to celebrating sexuality. We also support students in leaving the program with photos of them assisting students or teaching a class. We are invested in your completing the program ready to offer your love, learning and leadership to the world. We believe the world wants and needs your leadership, now.

Our program is enriched by Initiations and Ritual. In the increasingly complex and rapid momentum of modern living, many significant life events go unmarked and unintegrated. Yet these experiences often define our identity, injuries, aspirations, etc. Shakti Initiation skillfully excavates and explores Your lived experience so that you can have more freedom and experience to offer the same presence to your clients and students. We explore how yoga can offer ritual and initiation for any soul, and students create their own relationship with their beliefs, whether Muslim, Christian, pagan, etc.