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Reflections from Our Graduates

The Shakti Initiation Curriculum

Shakti Initiation Curriculum

Shakti Initiation blends ancient and contemporary alchemy to create a curriculum that will take you to the fullest potential of your body, mind, spirit and service at this time in your life.

Our methodology for teaching and presence can be deeply applied to enrich any style of hatha yoga instruction, and equip you with awareness, intention, and power to manifest all that awaits you as a teacher for the rest of your life.

Enjoy the balance and depth of a 300 hour yoga training curriculum that combines distance learning and inspired tropical intensives. Rich weekly phone study groups for four months prior to the program creates a momentum and intimacy that engenders depth and prolonged, digestible discoveries. 30-day post program sadhana with a buddy supports your transition and integration back home.

Part I: Weekly conference calls Sept to Dec 2016.
Part II: Month long Immersion in Bali Feb 24 to March 21, 2017.

Click here to review the full 300hr curriculum. We hope to share the joy of this journey with YOU! Space is limited so apply early!

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Shakti is the sacred feminine force out of which all creation emerges. Shakti is present in the ground beneath our feet, the wind in our hair, the air in the lungs, the flaming sun and succulent moon. It is the source of the fire in our hearts, and the foundation for our transformational inquiry.

~ Grace & Jovinna

Join us in this life-changing journey that offers personalized attention to who you are destined to be. The intimacy and power of the group will engender deep authenticity and transformation.
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